KYC Mondays: Roasting Levels

Today we will make reference to some key differences between each roast and why it is important to understand what these mean!

Light Roast:
☕ Lighter in colour
☕ Brighter flavour and aroma
☕ More fruity and sweet tasting profiles
☕ *More caffeine*

Medium Roast:
☕ Perfect balance
☕ Not too sweet, not too bold
☕ Dry and lack oil

Dark Roast:
☕ Dark and oily beans
☕ Bold and full body flavour
☕ *Less caffeine*

We all have different preferences on how we like the taste of our coffee. Some of us prefer a bold & dark cup that makes us taste a full body cup of coffee. Whereas some other people prefer the light & bright flavours that taste a bit sweeter and less "heavy". This is why knowing each type of roast is so important! So you could pin point what type of flavour you'd like your next cup of coffee to be!

We hope this cleared out some questions about why are there different types of roasts and what do they really mean. Next time you try a cup try to guess what type of roast you are drinking! We find it super fun 😋

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