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Our Story

Motherlode Coffee is native to Calgary, Canada and was founded by the ONLY FEMALE and LGBTQ2+ coffee roaster team in YYC. We wanted to make a difference in the coffee world with unique flavours and giving back to charities who target issues on gender equality. Our deep-rooted connection with Peru (one of our founders was born and raised in Lima, Peru) is the reason that every coffee we invent has Peruvian beans included. 

We created the BUY A BAG, GROW A MIND program where proceeds from the purchase of EACH BAG go to empowering Peruvian women through post-secondary education. As well as, for every No Closets Pride bag purchased, proceeds of each sale go to an organization in Calgary called “End of the Rainbow Foundation”. They assist LGBTQ+  refugees that have been persecuted in their home countries because of their sexual identity.

We feel like we hit the MOTHERLODE in life! Sip our coffee to hit the Motherlode too! 

THANK YOU for helping us make a difference one bag at a time. We hope you enjoy our coffee!

Karissa and Frieda

Social Responsibility

Motherlode Coffee is happy to partner with two organizations: Peruvian Hearts and End of the Rainbow Foundation, who target issues on gender equality. With every bag sold, you are helping individuals in our communities to have a better future by helping more females receive post-secondary education and supporting refugees of the LGBTQ+ community become contributing members of our society. 

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