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No Closets Pride Blend

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Are you one of those individuals that likes to experiment with different roasts? We had been playing around with combining a light and medium roast together and finally just made it happen because it tasted so dang good. 

This full flavoured light/medium roast is the perfect combo that we ensure will make your early mornings and weekends that much better. There is something so therapeutic of smelling this coffee aroma that we hope you feel as well when you try this blend. 

Notes: Maple Syrup, Hazelnut, Chocolate

Origin: Peru, Brazil, Guatemala

For every Pride bag sold, proceeds of each sale will go to an organization here in Calgary called “End of the Rainbow Foundation”. Their mission is to improve socio-economic conditions for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities or expressions by providing innovative education, support programs, and research. They assist refugees, persecuted in their home countries due to being LGBTQ2+, to settle in Calgary after they have been assisted to flee unsafe countries. ⁠

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