KYC Mondays: Variety of Coffee Beans

Yes. There are a variety of types of coffee beans and they all bring a different taste to the coffee game.

There are a total of 4 primary types! They are:

1. Arabica
☕ Super popular and most common in North America
☕ Make 60% of the world's coffee
☕ Mainly grown in countries with high elevations above sea level
☕ High-quality in nature, rich in aroma and complex in taste
☕ Hard to grow, hence more expensive

2. Robusta
☕ Second most produced in the world
☕ Extremely high levels of caffeine
☕ A bit bitter and pungent, burnt-like taste
☕ Easier to grow and harvest
☕ Mostly used for lower quality coffee and instant coffee

3. Liberica
☕ Rare treat, grown at specific climates
☕ Famously found in the Philippines
☕ Unusual, bold and smoky/fruity flavours. "Woody" taste
☕ Hardest coffee variety and irregular in shape.

4. Excelsa
☕ Primarily found in Southeast Asia
☕ Relatively uncommon
☕ Unique and fruitier flavour - attributes of both light and dark roast coffees

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