KYC Mondays: How can you properly store coffee beans?

To make yourself the best cup of coffee, it’s essential to preserve your beans’ flavour and freshness. And coffee’s retail packaging definitely won’t do the trick, especially for long-term storage. In that regard, let’s talk about how you can properly store your coffee.

Coffee beans absolutely hate heat, light, air, and moisture. And so, it’s your job to protect them against these.

For that purpose, you should select a nice and dry, air-tight container. This will keep the air away. To offer protection from moisture, you can add container desiccants. Finally, make sure to store the coffee container in a cool room where sunlight doesn’t find its way!

Any air-tight container will do the trick, but to ensure freshness, @eightouncecoffee has some really good options to choose from. The ones that we have here were really affordable and are from @timemore.japan but the ones from @fellowproducts @hario_official or @kintojapan are as fantastic as well!

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