KYC Mondays: How to measure the Quality of Coffee?

Here’s how to evaluate the taste of coffee (you can try it at home as well):

  • Cupping: This means coffee tasting. You are to detect even the subtlest differences in taste and aroma. Although this may be difficult in the beginning, polishing your skills with practice will help you improve.

  • Comparing: So much about coffee is relative. This makes it important for making comparisons. You can do this by tasting coffees one after the other. This helps you detect the ‘Aha!’ features in each coffee.

  • Composing: This involves writing down what you tasted and your feelings about each coffee you cup and compare. Bringing your senses into words will help you form stronger, more distinct opinions. And, of course, the written notes will come in handy for future reference!

  • Have you ever tried any of these fun techniques? Share your experience in the comments!

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