Finca El Duende

Micro Lot, Small Batch
Limited Edition

Grower: Salvador Cruz Rimarachin
Region: Verde Kiwa, San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru
Altitude: 1850 masl
Process: Fully washed after pulping and fermenting, dried on raised beds in the sun.

Certifications: Organic

This time, although we already know the origin, we can't elude going into detail with this special edition, because we will have an appointment with the province of San Ignacio, in the Cajamarca region of Peru. Our origin has started a journey in the world thanks to Salvador Cruz Rimarachín, our artist and coffee grower, as well as 316 other families in the areas of San Ignacio, Jaén and Cutervo, who are part of the organization Aroma del Valle; this organization is responsible for providing access to a fair distribution in terms and prices to organized producers in these provinces, allowing them to make the coffee a way of socio-economic livelihood.

But now let's talk about our main character. Okay, our two protagonists; our farmer and our coffee. First of all Salvador Cruz, describes in an almost poetic way something key that will give us clues to the profile of our cup. "My favorite part of the coffee business is how the morning mist lifts on my farm, leaving a glistening blanket of moisture on the coffee trees." After this hint, we must talk about the soil and the particularities of his farm. Adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, full of minerals, and with the ideal temperature for a drying process of 18 days in the sun on raised beds, we cannot expect anything but magic in the blend that our new origin brings us this time.

But what makes this blend so special? First, we must highlight one word: microlot. In a generational wave in the coffee world where the importance of a quality coffee, with sustainable processes and that its result is an experience, Salvador is the host of a microlot whose exclusivity is remarkable in its altitude, processing, traceability and above all, in the selection of a small quantity that makes each bean at its maximum point of detail. So, to introduce the second point, imagine going through 8.5 acres of the farm to capture the essence of an entire origin through a bright, juicy, sweet, refreshing and balanced blend. Now think of the way our tongue oozes when we bite a green apple, the way our palate feels wider when we sip a green tea, and that the finish is accompanied by a nutty chocolate that gives us an ideal balance.

Having said this, from El Duende farm, Salvador extends an invitation to a sensory journey among different varieties, but above all, to enjoy the results of providing a good treatment to each process in the production of coffee. The harvest, the pulping, the fermentation process, the right timing in the drying period and his constant investment in knowledge and post-harvest mechanisms to improve each attribute year after year, make this invitation an obligatory stop.

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